6 years.

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here, I hope to sharpen my creative and critical writing skills after 6 years of varying degrees of neglect. Reading (and from that, writing) used to be a great passion and hobby of mine, and I hope to rekindle that flame.

For the present, I foresee posts to consist of:

  • Discussions of the books and media I consume,
  • Opinions on news and current events that matter to myself,
  • Thoughts on the people who have moved me,
  • Descriptions of the projects and adventures I’ve sunk my time into,
  • Stories, poems, songs – whatever creative writing my mind had wandered to at that point in time.

The construction of this website was triggered by an assignment in the ENTR 460 class of Purdue University calling for an ePortfolio (featured on the home page – check it out!). The return of the blog, apart from the motivations mentioned above, was partially triggered by a comment made by an old, dear friend a few months ago: “I miss reading your writing – you should start blogging again”

I never realized that my writing had made an impression on another person. So here we go again, after the rise and death of my old blog (Lighting the Rocket!) of the high school era; once winner of a school-level blog competition.

6 years later.