Resolutions {2016}

Time period for all resolutions running from 1/1/2016 to 12/31/2016.


  1. Read! Minimum of 20 books, with written thoughts on blog upon completion of each book.


  1. Keep this blog running! Minimum average of 1 post per week.
  2. Write stories! 5 stories minimum.
  3. Chinese improvement! Increase knowledge to the capability of writing 5 full posts on the blog.


  1. Visit Malaysia 2016! Occurring this year, with visits to various friends close to the heart.


  1. Weight loss! Achieve 72 kg in weight.
  2. Cardiovascular fitness! Complete 5 km within 25 minutes.
  3. Body! Acquire a six-pack (or the beginnings of one).


  1. Malaysian donation! Complete a donation of computers on behalf of the company to a school in Malaysia.


  1. RMR duties! Attend 80% of all Midwest individual chapter calls + the 2016 Midwest Regional Conference.


Photo credit: Geralt / Pixabay.