SPM: The After & The Really After

Inspired by this post by Ooi Kok Hin, an acquaintance who attended the Ohio State University and is himself a prolific writer.

TL;DR: Things never really turn out how you thought they would. It’s okay if you didn’t (and still don’t) know exactly where you’re going. Your choices matter more than your SPM results ever did.

Note: SPM is a national exam at Form 5 in Malaysia, equivalent to a high school degree and the results of which are important for influencing your higher education path.


2010 (when I had just collected my SPM results) vs 2016


2010: Straight A student.

2016: A’s? What are A’s, precious?


2010: Completely hopeless interacting with girls.

2016: Completely natural interacting with girls. Maybe. I’m not on the receiving end, so I can’t tell. At least they’re not running away?


2010: Wanted to complete an aerospace degree.

2016: Completed an aerospace degree, didn’t use it.


2010: Just stopped being an editor and writing on blogs.

2016: Just started being an editor and writing on blogs. Relevant.


2010: Had flabs.

2016: Have flabs. WORKING ON IT, ALRIGHT?


2010: The future was uncertain and scary.

2016: The future is uncertain, but hopeful (Ayyyy visa quotas! But I truly believe I’ll be alright, whether I end up in the States, Malaysia, Singapore, or on the Moon).


2010: Made lame, corny jokes.

2016: Makes lame, corny jokes. Some things never change.