I recorded this in the during the interim between my missed flight and my replacement flight at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. 0/10 would not recommend missing a flight, but at least I got a fun video and a free replacement flight (thanks, Delta).

T-120 Held up in traffic
T-60 Still held up in traffic
T-45 Economy parking is closed?!?!
T-30 Economy parking is reopened?!?!
T-10 Get to terminal, resigned to fate, beg and grovel on floor to be put on a later flight
T+10 Made it through security
T+120 Spend 2 hours for nervous confirmation of actually getting a flight (and praying for money not to wash down the drain)

Post about my experience at #SASEMWRC2016 coming soon-ish. Emphasis on the -ish. Ish. Huh, now I’m having recollections of high school and the Malay language usage of Ish.

Ish, bising lah. Diam boleh tak?

Ish ish ish. Pira ni, makan je. Oi, gi tugas lah!