Douglas Adams, Arthur C. Clarke, Richard Matheson

Not all is lost! I’m still (barely) keeping up with my reading resolution.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Vol. I & II)

I was actually reading this back in April/May. Love the humor and pure randomness, but I found that after two books’ worth, it began to wear on me. I learned that I enjoy more traditional, driven plots (especially in the long run), I think. Hence, this is a series I’m better off doing in spurts rather than in a marathon. I’ll return to it some other time.

Rendezvous with Rama

After the Hitchhiker-induced hiatus, I finally returned to reading during my East Coast Roadtrip. I chose to pick up this book (a classic by a classic sci-fi author), and I didn’t regret one bit of it. The intriguing plot got me reading at a much faster rate than I was previously. I enjoyed the themes and questions brought up by the book in particular; Are we alone? Do we matter at all? What is the pursuit of knowledge worth? What about the pursuit of peace?

I Am Legend

I had heard that the book was vastly different from the movie, but I had no idea it was this far off. Like, they could pretty much be two completely different stories. In what comes as no surprise to anyone, I preferred the book. I’m going ahead with spoilers (it was published in the 50s, it’s not Game of Thrones S06E10) – The thought that the last human survivor is now considered an outcast by the dominant, functioning vampire society; really turns it on its head, doesn’t it? You are only ‘normal’ if you belong to the majority group. If you’re a human among vampires, you’re the exotic creature, not them. #Deep

I know I’m not doing a great job delving into each book, but this is what happens when you put off writing, Ashwin… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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