I was browsing Facebook late one evening when I chanced upon this video from Buzzfeed. I was surprised; first because I was deeply moved by it, second because a video from Buzzfeed had moved me so.

Jokes aside, I suppose it was because the experiences mentioned in the video resonated with me. I didn’t face any language barriers (once I could process the American accent), and I didn’t face too much trouble making friends, but the bit about a girl’s mother who had cancer, chemotherapy, and recovered (without telling her) really hit me.

I haven’t visited Malaysia in almost 4 years now, and in that time,

  • Friends have fallen in and out of and back in love (well, so have I)
  • Friends have lost loved ones
  • Friends have graduated
  • I’ve lost one or two distant relatives
  • I’ve gained multiple distant relatives (and some are almost old enough to enter kindergarten soon)
  • My mother, too, had a potentially dangerous lump removed through surgery, and recovered
  • My father is 3 weeks away from turning 70

They’re all getting on with their lives without me, and I suppose I’m doing the same.