To Settle

It’s not in my nature.

If it could be better, if it can be better, then I will most certainly dig, dig, dig until I am sated.

That’s what I’ve learned about myself, professionally. If it needs to be done, then I will build it better (stolen from Boeing), never mind if that means I now have more to do in less time.

That’s what I’ve learned about myself, personally. It didn’t feel right. It should be better. And I tried, but it was not to be. We were not meant to be. And so I ended it.

Without a twinge of regret.

Here’s to a month of singledom, and many more in the earth, where I will dig, dig, dig in the dark until I break the surface of where the grass is greener and the air is just right.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear reader.

Are you the one?