Quarter of a century. Half of a decade.

Looking back, twenty four was a huge year. I won’t delve too much into it – I don’t want to repeat the annual recap – but it was full of change, growth, and self-discovery. Here on the precipice of June second, I’m quite happy with where I presently stand.

Change: I moved to a different city, ended a relationship, visited Malaysia; these were the big-ticket items. I made new friends, and lost others to distance.

Growth: I learned new coding languages and took on big projects; I was laden with more responsibilities and leadership. I restarted writing, and rediscovered my love for books.

Self-discovery: I accepted that I’m an extrovert; I found that people look up to me; I understand the values I value (heh) in a partner; I miss Malaysia and the people there.

The next year should prove rather exciting. Projects are coming hard and fast at Multiply. The stakes are higher than ever at SASE – both of the teams I manage will be expected to deliver results in October.

In my present state of mind, I’m perfectly satisfied to keep my head low and devote myself to work and growth (Fun aside: I’d like to take up dancing and shoot better photographs – in addition to my other resolutions). This leads to my lesson to myself this birthday:


The days pass in a blur; one barely distinguishable from the other. Yet I must be content with the incremental; take joy in the tiny victories of the day-to-day.

If the time for my run was only ten seconds shorter today compared to yesterday, that is fine. I will reach my goal, with patience.

If five tasks are taken care of but fifteen more appear, that is fine. I will see these projects through, with patience.

If I finish only twelve pages of this book today, that is fine. I have my entire life ahead of me to read all that I want to read and see all that I want to see, with patience.

If I cannot meet the person I want to meet today, that is fine. Each day will bring me closer to you, with patience.

If I don’t know precisely where I want to go or what I want to do, that is fine. Each day will bring me closer to the answer,

with Patience.