I had three very SASE-ful expeditions. First, I traveled to St Joseph, Michigan for a summer retreat with the Midwest regional team. Second, I flew out to Vegas for the marketing retreat, then returned and drove up to Chicago for the National Conference Launch Party and walk-through.

There are just two months left to conference, which means that we’re entering the final stretch for the programs I’m in charge of. Two months to complete a video and a website for the brand-new Giving program. Two months to assign handlers, coordinate speakers, and prepare the brand-new SASEtalks event.

I found out that I was nominated but not selected for the SASE Rising Star award. A bummer, but I think I’d rather receive it after my efforts bear fruit anyway.

It will be a nerve-wracking couple of months, but the wonderful people around me have shown me that I can do this and I don’t need to do this alone.

I’m ready to sprint to the finish line.