The Multiply Technology AWard recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond throughout the year, making a strong impact both within and outside of his/her own responsibilities and exemplifying the Multiply culture. It is our only annual award.

I’m incredibly humbled and honored to have received this award. It’s been an eventful year for all of us at Multiply; in many ways, all of us had to go through our own individual sets of hardships and challenges. Fitting, since #thrust may lead to greater turbulence. Me, for instance:

  • Immigration head-scratching
  • The break-up, the single life and all of its associated silliness, and dating again (Olivia is wonderful, 10/10 would ask out again)
  • Returning to Malaysia for the first time after 4 years (and almost not making it)
  • My car breaking down and leaving me stranded — twice
  • The epic new year’s apartment water leak

I’m incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement everybody showed me during these times. Considering that that list doesn’t at all compare to some of the things others went through (*cough* surprise, you have two kids! *cough*), I was just really trying my best to do my part to hold the fort.

On the upside, I’m very proud to have been part of some incredible things we accomplished and experienced together this year: Ops 3.0, Swapforce Global, Mergerforce, the horde of new cool kids. Looking forward to another incredible year with Multiply!

tl;dr: Thank you.