Another Unicorn Year

Looking back It was a pretty darn eventful year, and looking back I can’t believe this all happened within the span of 365 days. These events feel so long ago […]


It all began in the early days of summer, on a couch long worn down by the rigors of college apartment life. Seated on its peeling leathery folds were two […]

Malaysia, Pt 3: Epilogue

It’s now been 2 weeks since I left. My thoughts are no less tangled. There are some ironies to be had. Leaving, this time around, was harder than the last […]

Malaysia, Pt 1: Prologue

Our tale begins with my┬áreturn on Sunday, March 29th, from Chicago, where I had attended the Lunar Ball event the night prior. That weekend, in and of itself, was an […]

Medium / 4 Weeks in Poverty

I signed up for a poverty simulation session on Friday, March 10th. It turned out to be an intense, heavy couple of hours; I wrote about my experience on Medium. […]


The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) is a nonprofit aimed at developing the professional and leadership skills of its membership, celebrating diversity, and giving back to local communities. […]


  I recorded this in the during the interim between my missed flight and my replacement flight at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. 0/10 would not recommend missing a flight, but at […]

Skiing + Skating

  “Relax, you’re too stiff. Just relax, and feel it.” “You will know when you are calm, at peace.”   Wise words from Yoda, or an instructor wearing a Viking […]