Hello, Neighbor

Well, it happened. I fell in love. I feel the rush of a new relationship. It feels great. It feels wonderful. It feels fulfilling. It feels wholesome. Time will tell […]


Quarter of a century. Half of a decade. Looking back, twenty four was a huge year. I won’t delve too much into it – I don’t want to repeat the annual […]

Malaysia, Pt 3: Epilogue

It’s now been 2 weeks since I left. My thoughts are no less tangled. There are some ironies to be had. Leaving, this time around, was harder than the last […]


A low, a high, a low, a high, a low, and lower still. A veritable roller-coaster of emotions. But that is not why I write today; I felt the need […]


I was browsing Facebook late one evening when I chanced upon this video from Buzzfeed. I was surprised; first because I was deeply moved by it, second because a video […]

To Settle

It’s not in my nature. If it could be better, if it can be better, then I will most certainly dig, dig, dig until I am sated. That’s what I’ve […]

2016 – 2017

I finally made the time to sit down and review the past year. The Big Move By far the biggest change to have happened was the move from West Lafayette […]

SPM: The After & The Really After

Inspired by this post by Ooi Kok Hin, an acquaintance who attended the Ohio State University and is himself a prolific writer. TL;DR: Things never really turn out how you thought […]

The Lunar New Year

It’s our year, boys and girls (1992 for the goddamn win). May as well reminisce while we’re at it. The oldest picture I could find dates February 2013.

The Sound and Fury

I don’t deal with death and grief very well. Specifically: I don’t fall into as deep a level of grief as the average person does. Is emotional detachment my coping mechanism? […]